A work inspired by emotions

Stephanie Maillard’s work is the expression of her emotions. Her aesthetic unites colours and textures into abstract compositions. She works mainly with acrylic, integrating natural elements in most of her paintings.

Starting from an early age, drawing and painting has been always been a deep passion. Starting with art classes and founded on a sound academic footing, today Stephanie is mainly self-thaught, increasingly following her natural instinct and drive.

I have been through major events in my life these last 12 months, that have forced me to face up some of the most difficult challenges and strongest emotions. Painting has become my way of reconnecting with myself and finding serenity and purpose. Since I have started to share this art and the story behind each of these paintings, I have received many touching feedbacks. Others could feel these deep feelings while looking at my works, connecting with the emotions they display. I have never stopped painting since then, feeling increasingly liberated, using my artistict expression to slowly rebuild myself and grow as a woman, as a mother, as a daughter, as a friend, as a lover … I am truly thankful and humbled by these positive reactions, that compel me to move on.

Stephanie is from Belgium. She lives in Soignies, with her two wonderful children.